Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Progress on latest drawings, trying out a new technique

I did more work on the 2 Heads drawing. For the background I decided to tryout a new blending technique of dry brushing the colored pencil. The left background is brushed except for the upper left corner. Brushing fills in the paper texture with the colored pencil and makes it darker. But the coarse cross-hatching done in the background is still coarse. Brushing won't totally smooth out the pencil strokes.
For a change of pace I did a quick small drawing in Derwent drawing Pencils on tan Canson Mi-tientes paper. This terracotta figure is in the Minneapolis Institure of Art. This Jolly Drummer can make one smile. I added a small dancing figure in the foreground but I think two of them are needed to properly balance the work.