Monday, March 22, 2010

Winding up winter drawing

I finally did the finishing touches on "Sheds & Pine Tree". I put away the source photo and worked the drawing over with the Derwent tinted charcoal pencils to increase the contrast. Sometimes I have to listen to the drawing and ignore the original to get the picture at its best.
Next I did another charcoal drawing of a March
snowfall. The photo was taken a
couple years ago. This March has so far been snow free. But that can change any day.
I have been busy with non-drawing activities. I am matting small marbled paper prints for the galleries and making small reproductions of selected drawings to be matted and put up for sale also. I need to get some cash flow to pay for my expenses! I have been keeping track of what I have spent on supplies and gallery space for the past two years and some income would be appreciated!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

More drawings done this winter

This Han clay statue is at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. This expressive horse and its unexpressive rider has impact so I decided to to it in a larger scale than I normally do. It is 16" x 21" on tan charcoal paper done in conte crayons and hard pastels. I am fond of Chinese pottery horses and like to draw them from time to time.

The Kiss of Victory (12" x 9") is also at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The winged victory is kissing the dying hero, a fine example of 19th century marble sculpture. The color choices are arbitrary: blue, brown, orange, pink and yellow Derwent drawing pencils on brown paper.

These sheds were interesting for their weathered textures and the contrast with the living pine tree. To help emphasize the textures this drawing is done on white charcoal paper with Derwent tinted charcoal. I attached the drawing to the wall and have decided to give the scene for contrast.