Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let's Welcome in the New Year!

Hi! My name is Carol, and live here in the great Middle West (aka: The Middle Border). I am starting this blog to meet people who would be interested in my artwork and books about art.
I read as much about art as I make art and want to share with the world my works-in-progress and my thoughts about my readings on Art History and Art Philosophy. (And sometimes housework gets done!)
Currently I am reading The $12 Million Stuffed Shark; the curious economics of contemporary art by Don Thompson, an instructor in economics and marketing. It is a good read and very informative about a world of art and money that I can't possibly reach or even want too!

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  1. i want to hear about the book you are reading,"12 million Stuffed Shark>" What insights have you gained? the gallery was nice today. Somehow we got in the paper again, and I had two visitors. No sales. I will send on your frame cost soon....J Happa New Year!