Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another work in progress-Roman statuary

Work on the house has been keeping me away from the drawing board. The almost constantly wet weather has kept the siders from working most of this month. The tropical watergarden plants are now moved into the basement pool for the winter. Inside, I am working in the back room: trimming the window, putting up sheetrock to cover the holes left by the contractor and repainting. I'm still not done. I have given myself a deadline of October 31 to have the shelves back up and the worktable moved in front of the new window.
I use this room for matting and framing my drawings, storing my Ebay sale books and wrapping them for shipping.

I have taken a few moments to start another colored pencil drawing. This is part of my "Museum" series. The past few years we have been traveling and have visited some important art museums (Minneapolis, Chicago, New York) also some minor ones in Kansas City, Jackson Hole, Seattle, Roswell, Santa Fe, etc. For some reason the Greco-Roman statuary is fascinating. In reviewing the photos taken, they seem to become characters that interact with each other but as statuary, not humans. Something like those mannequins in the Old Navy TV ads.

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