Thursday, January 12, 2012

The New Year!

First snow of 2012 today! It has been a warm and dry spell for December and January. Then today it snowed about 2 inches. This meant going out and shoveling sidewalks. Luckily the restaurant next door had the front sidewalk cleared this morning so this afternoon I only had to shovel off the extra inch or so that had accumulated. The wind had drifted the snow some and was deeper in some parts.
I finally finished the Red Oak Leaf & Others colored pencil drawing. This took a long time. There were times when I had to stopped and do another drawing instead, or else I would end up rushing and doing a less than satisfactory job.

Red Oak Lead & Others, colored pencil on white colorfix paper, 12" x 18"

These are some of the other drawings I did as relief from the Red Oak Leaf drawing:

Winter Evening, Oil pastel, 18" x 24"

Old Dairy Barn, 18" x 12", Derwent tinted charcoal on homemade grit paper

Tree Line, 18" x 24", Oil pastel on Stonehenge ice blue paper covered with clear Golden pastel ground.

A drawing did as soon as I finished that Leaf drawing. Wanted to change pace, so this drawing of a horse was done in Conte crayons on blue Strathmore charcoal paper.

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