Friday, April 5, 2013

Some changes in the studio

I finally made the changes in the studio that I had been thinking about since December. The big, old CRT TV has been replaced with a wall-mounted flat-screen TV, the big, floor standing stereo speakers have been replaced with smaller shelf speakers and the stereo stand moved to below the TV. With the new TV, I can now use a VGA cable to connect it to the computer. I bought a VGA switch box, a long VGA cable to connect the TV and a short one from the switchbox to the computer. Along with a wireless keyboard and mouse, I can use the TV to view photographs and control the computer from my drawing board. This has allowed me to sketch from photos that I have taken. Drawing from a distance is a different experience than from having a printout right next to the drawing paper.
Winter has been lingering here in the uppper Midwest, I haven't done anything in the backyard except to remove some of the covering from the Tulip tree sapling. Besides the weather, my recovering knee is restricting how much outdoor work I do. I don't want to deal with ice and snow; Don has been doing the sidewalk clearing this winter.
Slowly the leg is getting better, I am back to swimming three times a week again. I park my truck in front for easier access.

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