Sunday, March 8, 2020

Wildlife at our new property

This property with the pond is an excellent place to observe wild animals. We keep binoculars, a camera and guide books handy in the living room that looks out over the pond.  So we are accumulating a collection of photos of the animals around us. However, some animals come out only at dusk so the pictures are not so good and we have seen more when a camera isn't available.
Here are some photos.
Two otters swimming

Three male wood ducks

A beaver swimming

A flock of geese at sunset

Canada goose

Double crested cormorant

Bald eagle and carrion

Eastern tiger salamanders

Female king fisher

Female wood duck

A great blue heron

An immature great blue heron

Indigo bunting

Male redstart


Turtle on a rock

Some animal we have seen but no good photographs:
Green heron
Wild turkeys
gold finch
deer (we have seen deer signs, 
but didn't actually see any until this winter 
when some ran across a field in the evening)
red tailed hawks
fly catchers
leopard frogs
fox (we and a contractor just got glimpses of her, 
but during the summer heard her and her kits 
calling to each other, foxes sound weird!)

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