Monday, December 6, 2010

Drawing and more drawing!

I finished the oil pastel "Autumn Drive" and pinned it to the wall. I am not completely satisfied with it, the forground with the road just doesn't work but I can't see any alternative to it.
Winter weather has settled in: Friday, La Crosse saw its most significant snowfall to date: about 5". The new pump has arrived and is now in the watergarden keeping a hole open in the ice for the benefit of the goldfish. I also noticed that I have forgotten to remove all of the solar-powered garden lights! However the frozen ground will make them impossible to remove.
I am in the mood for more leaf drawings. This little drawing actually took much time in designing and altering from the source photograph. An evening could be spent in adjusting light/dark patterns, changing formats and moving elements around in search of the best composition. Derwent Drawing pencils on fawn gray Stonehenge paper.
Derwent tinted charcoal pencils got some use. I did this barn on laid charcoal paper and did a smaller drawing based on the same source photograph of just the silo. Old barns and charcoal seem to go together well.

This drawing of yellow leaves was my demonstration piece done at Gallery La Crosse. It is done on dark gray paper with oil-based colored pencils. I did most of it that evening but later I changed the background some.
Here is my latest work in progress: "Leaves in Gutter", Prismacolor pencils on felt gray Canson Mi Tients.

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